Alan's Gas and Oil Heating

All videos are owned by Gas Safe and OFTEC. The usage of these videos are for educational purposes only.

A Short video highlighting the importance of using a Gas Safe registered engineer. Gas Safe registered engineers like ourselves should come equipped with a large array of knowledge and equipment to ensure that you are safe in a multitude of situations.

Useful and informational videos

Lastly, this video will show you how to correctly check that your engineer is Gas Safe registered and that their card is valid and real. Many of these factors carry over to an OFTEC ID card and therefore you should note and always check for these details. It could be the difference between a job well done and a costly error.

A Small video which shows why you should have your Oil Fired heating system serviced annually. You may have heard that you could have it done 'every other year' but that is not the case. To ensure efficiency, longevity and make sure its working as it should - an annual service is required.

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