You have heard about the rest, now it's time to use the best!

CONTACT   01692 584861

Alan's Gas and Oil Heating

A company like no other, we treat all our customers how we would like to be treated:

  •  Time is precious, no one likes to wait around through the infamous AM and PM appointments.
    Therefore, we give each customer a 1-2 Hour time slot, leaving you free to be more flexible around your appointment.
  • We all have our forgetful moments, therefore, we offer reminders a couple of weeks in advance of your service due-date so you don't need to worry about forgetting it.

  • Every customer who uses our services will get a free welcome pack!* Estimates, servicing and breakdowns are all included - We believe in traditional small business values and like to give back to those who use us. 

  • Lastly, following on from giving back to our customers, we have a Loyalty Scheme!** For every boiler service you get, your loyalty card will be signed. Once 4 Signatures are on a single card, you'll be entitled to your 5th boiler service half price! Improving your boilers efficiency, longevity all while saving money! What could be better than that? 

    Taking all this into consideration, please give Tara a call on 01692 584861 to see how good we are!

    * Welcome packs are limited to 1 per household. Therefore numerous trips to the property would not result in multiple packs.

    ** The Loyalty card is non-transferable between properties.